The importance of curating your tribe. 
Written by Angela Ianni
I've always had a rather small circle of friends. As I've gotten older, I seem to pull that circle even smaller towards me. Maybe it's the introvert in me. Maybe it's because I like to dive deeper in my relationships with those that mean the most to me. Maybe I've gotten better at saying no to people and relationships that don't fit my lifestyle or belief system. 

Why am I still happy? Actually, I'm happier if you want to know the truth. The friendships that have weathered the storms of my life are the ones worth keeping. We build each other up, call each other out when we fall short, and are there in the midst of all the mess, and headache of life. 

There are no more "fake" friendships that are there for the wrong reasons. No more "drinking buddies", no more "mean girls", and no more friends that make me feel guilty or bad about where I am (or where I am not) in life.

It's like Marie Kondo but for friendships. You no longer bring me joy, thank you for your service, good bye. It's the most freeing feeling ever.  

Angela Ianni

Angela is a life coach who specializes in helping those struggling with grief, depression, and anxiety find joy, peace, and happiness with her Overcoming Overwhelm program. 
How to get "unstuck" and find the peace, joy, and clarity you deserve... (Even if you feel completely lost!)
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