One Simple Tip That Will Grow Your Happiness Like Wildfire
Written by Angela Ianni
Fewer word have had more impact on my happiness than these two: "thank you". When I am grateful for what surrounds me, even down to the smallest of blessings, when what I already have becomes an overwhelming  abundance is when I practice daily gratitude. Whether it's remembering to genuinely thank my husband for emptying the dishwasher, my daughter for the sweet, unexpected hug, or the barista who just made me the perfect latte, I always find that I am in a better state of mind. I am more relaxed, I have healthier relationships, my energy is better, and I'm happier. 

I was recently on a conference call where we discussed the importance of being seen, of knowing that we matter, and that we have a purpose and a voice. There is nothing more impactful to a person than letting them know that you appreciate what you see in them. Whether it's a job well done, the light that they bring into your day, or a period of unexpected helpfulness, nothing makes both parties happier than the acknowledgement of appreciation. 

Another benefit of gratitude is that it forces us to take the focus away from ourselves. We all have a tendency to wear blinders when it comes to where our focus goes, especially in a "me first" society that thrives on self-promotion. When I focus on the happiness of another instead of myself I begin to feel things shift inside me. I feel less selfish and self-conscious and more happy, open, and generous. It feels good to know that my words and actions did something good for someone other than myself. 

For me, the most impact I can have on any relationship comes in the form of gratitude. When I am thankful the most is when I have found the deepest of friendships. How could you not become closer to someone who constantly makes you feel special, like you matter, and that what you do is appreciated?

I challenge you to find as many opportunities for gratitude as possible. Even if it feels unnatural. Even if you don't want to. Thank your grocery bagger, thank the guy who let you cut in front of him in traffic, thank your pastor for the impactful sermon. See what happens to both yourself and the other person. I'm positive this will make an impact in both of your lives. 

Angela Ianni 

Angela is a life coach who specializes in helping those struggling with grief, depression, and anxiety find peace, joy, and clarity in their lives with her Overcoming Overwhelm program. 
How to get "unstuck" and find the joy, peace, and clarity you deserve... (Even if you feel completely lost!)
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